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23th February 2020

Embodied Bodywork Training

During the Embodied Massage practitioner training, you will start your day with yoga and learn the basics to give a client-focused relaxation massage. Meditation is added to the classes to become aware of the self-care and self-cultivation that can be brought to the massage sessions. This will create a space that is both relaxing and centering for both practitioner and receiver.

Holding a space that’s healing for both client and practitioner is key for the massage to have a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

During the training, you will experience your being, your body and beyond. While you will learn tools and techniques to become a massage practitioner you will also relax, rejuvenate and expand.

“A transforming journey through yoga, massage, and meditation, a unique combination of modern and traditional healing techniques.”


You will go on the path of personal development and explore your inner calling and strength. This training will take you within and will support you to connect to the place of stillness that lies within your heart. From here you can hold space to give a deeply relaxing and healing massage to another. You will learn to attune to one another so you can find harmony with each other.

During the training, there will be a focus on movement, meditation, and touch of the body by working one on one. Creating focus, harmony, and relaxation to let go and be in a meditative state of being and creating a healing space.

The more you relax into your own being the more you will feel the expansion and totally of who you are, beyond what you can imagine. Meditation is added to the classes as a tool for self-care, and expansion within yourself. In this way, you will start to embody all the tools and manage your own energy system.


The training will combine both theories and practice to make sure the training will take you through a process of both practical tools as more subtle tools. Through this, there will a balance to nurture all aspects of both body, mind and soul. Providing knowledge, experience, and repeating this so you can take the learnings with you and integrate it into your daily life.

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