In order to make sure we can keep seeing our clients, we make sure that we take some measurements to keep you and us safe.

At the start of the massage:

Check in to make sure we are feeling healthy
When we meet we will not shake hands
We both keep 1,5 meter distance as much as possible
You are asked to wash your hands and disinfect them, we provide tissues and alcohol to do so

The back of the body will be massaged as much as possible, infection is spread while laying on your back.

For you as a client:
The client is asked to bring 2 large towels that have been washed at 60 degrees and not have been

Don’t wear jewelery and bring as much as possible any belongings

Please bring your own water bottle to drink after the session for now we’re not serving any tea or water

Please use the toilet as little as possible only in case of emerency