Tones of Touch is an genuine and expansive platform for bodywork and body based coaching.

Healing techniques are bridged together with modern expertise to encourage embodiment and an holistic integration throughout the different layers of the body. A selection of yogic teachings, traditional Chinese medicine and western anatomy, combined with energetic healing methods offer an foundational way to practice an alternative form of healing.


Our bodies are instruments of different vibrations and symphonies, and while each one performs a unique sound the instruments are similar. To learn how to work with these vibrations, we need to understand the instruments and attune to it. So the more you consciously experience your own being, the more you expand and develop your ability to tune into what is needed with the client.
Let’s create music together.

Our Offerings


Through a selection of workshops and trainings,  you learn how to become an embodied massage practitioner that can create and hold a personal space for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation. 

A modular training intensive allows you to personally balance theory with practice and offers an excellent way of integrating the knowledge into your own life and towards your clients.

Hi, Im Nouty

Bodywork, yoga and different healing techniques are part of my interest and life for over fiveteen years.

I have developed many skills and insights from being a yoga teacher and bodyworker. Since I feel so much passion and love for the work it naturally flows over in sharing with others. This will be a step to help you evolve as both a human and a healer.

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