ABout Nouty

Nouty is an extraordinary kind hearted woman that preaches her practice, guiding experienced and aspiring bodyworkers onto harmony by offering intensives. For men and women who feel called to a deeper understanding of own journey, their own body, as part of the work to be reinstated in themselves.


Coming from a family of energetic bodyworkers, her path took her high up the ladder in the corporate world, in spite of a calling to a more holistic approach to life. The beautiful flaw of giving to others more easily than receiving brought her to the point of burning out, right as she became more and more drawn to yoga and bodywork.


Given the challenge, she rose to the occasion and departed for India to find her calling in the art of healing. There she discovered that the meditation that comes with bodywork is a two-man tango. The practice that had ran in her family for decades took flight as she started to give full space to her potential. She ran a successful massage practice in the Netherlands, as well as teaching her own style of yoga flow and relaxation.


A longing for more growth led her to depart for the island of Koh Phangan, where she studied more on yoga of bodywork and meditation.  “I can no longer follow any master.” She found her balance between giving and receiving, where she realizes the wealth and wholesomeness of receiving through giving.


Tones of touch is the gift back to you, as you learn how to bring harmony by working with the frequency of the body. The relaxation, the meditation, the letting go; The melody of the massage.