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The Hague

17 of  April 2020

Come and join the introduction of the embodiment and bodywork training. In this training we will get together to get a glimpse of what the training is about and an experience you will take away from a day of self care and self cultivation.

Bodywork is not about learning techniques, it's about getting to know your body and holding space for someone else at the same time. By bringing awareness of what it is you would like to transmit in a session you can bring either healing or a new perspective for yourself and the other person.


Curious to dive in and rejuvenate at the same time. Sign up here and you will be added to the list (max 30 persons).


Koh Phangan

November 2020

Immerse yourself in this 10 day massage workshop on an amazing Tropical Island.

Start your day with yoga and learn how to become an Embodied Yoga - Massage Practioner. Yoga and massage a combination that support the body in profound ways to stay and become healthy. A rare combination of 2 disciplines that are very interconnected. This unique combination will make you feel empowered and knowledgeable in an integrate way on body, mind and soul.